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Water in Cans May Be Coming Your Way

July 2, 2019
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PepsiCo said that it would test-market canned Aquafina water as an alternative to plastic bottles.

What is next? Some say it is water in a can. The same as beer and soda come in cans.

“Something like that would scare me,” one woman said after buying a bottle of Mountain Dew. “You see juice in a can, not water. You see water in a bottle.”

That is the challenge to PepsiCo. It wants customers to try a new product. It says the new product will help the environment.

Pepsi said that it is starting the program early next year. Its Aquafina brand of water will be test-marketed in aluminum cans.

The company said many kinds of fizzy water already came in aluminum containers. But drinking non-fizzy water from a can would be “a newer behavior” for many people.

Many people have turned against single-use plastic items. Much of such items end up in landfills or floating in oceans. Only 9 percent of all the plastic ever made has been recycled. By contrast, 67 percent of the aluminum bought by consumers every year is reused.

Pepsi will also put its Bubly sparkling water in cans.

Customers already drink seltzer, craft beer, and wine from cans. Pepsi also plans to sell its carbonated water, Bubly, in cans.

Another company is selling Boxed Water. Its water contained in paper containers that look like milk cartons. It has something of a cult following.

And Ever & Ever, a new brand packages water in bottle-shaped aluminum cans with screw tops.

People drink a lot of bottled water. An expert said Pepsi’s packaging move is a low-risk experiment. Pepsi will be looking at how customers react.

The challenge Pepsi faces recently was on full display in the bottled-water aisle at a Target store in Brooklyn.

A man in the store said he stocks up on Poland Spring bottles of water at a BJ’s Wholesale Club. He said that something about the idea of drinking water from an aluminum can felt strange to him. He said, “I need to see the contents of the water. I need to see there’s nothing inside.”

Water is about the only liquid drink not sold in cans today. Who knows? It could catch on. Make water in cans a little cheaper than water in plastic bottles, and people could learn to love it.

Source: The New York Times June 27, 2019

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