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Tips for Teachers June 27, 2019

June 27, 2019
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The Test and The Stress

Does a test in school measure your knowledge of the subject matter, how much effort you put in preparing for the test, how well you cope with the stress of taking the test or how well the teacher prepared you for the test? What do readers think?

In the “No Child Left Behind” program, if the kids do not do well on tests, it is bad for the teacher and the school. True or false? [True.]

In a test to get into high-achieving high schools in New York City, who did best on the test? [Asian kids did the best.]

What are some of the strategies suggested by experts to succeed in test taking? [Suggestions include viewing testing in a more upbeat light and fitting tests into the routine of normal life including sleep and good nutrition.]

An expert said anxiety is your body trying to help you and the goal is to manage stress and not simply reduce it. True or false? [True.]

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