The Crisis in America

January 12, 2021
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Setting up for the inauguration.

Joe Biden will take the Presidential Oath of Office on January 20, 2021. He is the next president of the United States. In one way, it is that simple.

But a large number of citizens...


How to Think About America

January 5, 2021
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Waiting for the show to start. The U.S. House of Representatives chamber. Photo Credit: Brendan Hoffman/Getty images. 

Tomorrow is a day of theater in America. The name of the show is “Let’s Overturn the Election.” It is a farce. A group of Republicans...

What Does It Mean to Be Without a Country?

December 29, 2020
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Maha Mamo was born stateless in Lebanon. She received Brazilian citizenship. Photo Credit: Erin Kirkland for The New York Times.

Maha Mamo was born in Lebanon. Her parents were immigrants from Syria. Maha did not become a citizen of Lebanon. Her parents...

Surprising Picture of How Immigrants Voted in 2020

December 22, 2020
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Immigrants voting. Photo Credit: Hill Street Studios via Getty Images

Joe Biden beat Donald Trump in the election. Forget what you hear about voter fraud. Trump’s claims are false.

But elections are pictures of how people think and how they vote. One big surprise...

Farmer Protests Growing in India Rattling Prime Minister Modi

December 10, 2020
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Protesting farmers beating a burning effigy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India. Photo Credit: Altaf Qadri/Associated Press.

Farmers and their trucks from all over the nation are converging on New Delhi, India. They are blocking roads and railways. They are shutting...

‘Trump Is Better’: In Asia, Pro-Democracy Forces Worry About Biden

December 1, 2020
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President-Elect Joe Biden, President Donald Trump with Xi Jinping.
Americans have elected Joe Biden as the next U.S. President. They want a ‘normal’ America. That means that America will rejoin the world order. President Donald Trump had...

Ending ‘Period Poverty,’ Scotland Is First Nation to Make Sanitary Products Free

November 26, 2020
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Sanitary products for sale at a supermarket in Glasgow. Photo Credit: Jane Barlow/Press Association, via Getty Images

Many women in Scotland are not able to afford sanitary products. A new law ends “period poverty.” The law says that a “reasonable choice of different...

If You Think the United States is Embarrassing Itself, Try Peru

November 12, 2020
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Supporters of the ousted Peruvian President Martín Vizcarra demonstrating against the new government in Lima. Photo Credit: Ernesto Benavides/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images.

Covid-19 is killing Peru. It is facing an economic crisis. Now the country has its fourth president in five years.