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Young and Undocumented Wary of Politics

May 25, 2014
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Young and Und

Eight out of ten undocumented youngsters who responded to a recent survey are “Dreamers.” Dreamers are youngsters who came to America with at least one parent who does not have legal papers. A new survey showed that half of them have a sibling who is American-born. Two out of three have a family member who is an American citizen. But Dreamers cannot walk far away from their worrisome legal status.

The recent survey, while not “scientific,” claims to reflect their feelings. Most of the people who took the survey were Latinos from Mexico. Most of the respondents had at least some college courses.

The study asked what it is like to be undocumented. It also asked about their politics.

In every way, respondents reported that winning deferral helped them enjoy life in America. Their careers and educations moved forward. They felt better about the U.S. However, they found the applications were too expensive.

The students do not trust the political parties. Fewer than half say they feel loyal to the Democratic Party. Very few report ties with the Republican Party.

They say the Democrats must slow the rate of deportations and must do more for families that are separated.

President Obama created the Dreamers program by signing the “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program nearly two years ago. It gave students a chance to work and go to school for two years. Now, many are re-applying.

The program gives Dreamers confidence. They are getting drivers licenses, going to school and joining their communities. They have confidence in their future and in the nation. The big question is will the immigration dilemma be solved? Will Dreamers and more immigrants become “legalized” and head to citizenship?

Source: The New York Times                                                                                 May 20, 2014

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