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January 14, 2013
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Outrage and Chaos in Indian Courtroom

There are reports of another gang rape of a girl on a bus. The uproar in India over the recent gang rape and death of a young Indian woman is now taking place inside the courthouse.

Lawyers have come forth to represent three of the six defendants. It is not clear whether the court will agree to the defense arrangement and what will happen to the other defendants. There was confusion and noise during the hearing. The magistrate cleared the courtroom, saying only those with business in the courtroom will be allowed in.

The hearing and coming trial will take place much more quickly than usual in India because of the outrage of the public.

The New York Times

Chinese Censorship Dispute

The Southern Weekend is a liberal newspaper in Guangzhou, China. The Chinese government censored the newspaper after it published criticism of the government.

Protesters came from all over to defend the paper and freedom of the press. Protesters included celebrities and business leaders.

The newspaper’s reporters went out on strike. The Chinese government tried to ease the crisis by meeting with the reporters. However, the government also accused the paper of joining with “hostile foreign forces.”

The government went on to say, “party control of the media is an unwavering basic principle.”

The dispute raises questions about China’s new leadership. Is it sincere about reform? Communist Party supporters say the paper is a front for the United States. Defenders of freedom of the press say how the dispute is resolved will show which direction China is going in.

The New York Times

Chavez Swearing-in Delayed

Hugo Chávez is ill with cancer in Cuba. He was re-elected President of Venezuela in October, 2012.

The Venezuela National Assembly said the swearing-in ceremony could take place legally at a later date. There is disagreement over that opinion. On Wednesday the Supreme Court ruled that Mr. Chávez could be sworn in at a later date — but set no time limit.

How ill the president is, is not known. Or if he will be able to return to lead the country. Opposition leaders say if he cannot govern, a caretaker should take over.  The next in line is Diosdado Cabello. He is leader of the National Assembly. He is loyal to Mr. Chávez.

Henrique Capriles opposed Mr. Chávez in the election. He said the Venezuela Supreme Court should make clear what should happen next.

The Vice President is Nicolás Maduro. He is the person Mr. Chávez favors to take over the leadership of the country.

A former Supreme Court president said, “The illegitimacy is very great. According to the Constitution, they cannot keep doing things without a president.”

The New York Times  

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