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World in Turmoil for the Displaced

June 17, 2015
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Syrian refugees at the Turkish border.

Syrian refugees at the Turkish border.

The flow of refugees, migrants and immigrants continues. All over the world people are looking for paths to safety and work.

Syrian refugees are fleeing the violence in Syria by going to the Turkish border. Turkey cannot stop the wave of people crashing the border. Islamic State terrorism is creating chaos and fear. The ongoing war to oust the Assad regime in Syria is also driving people out of the country.

Thousands of migrants from the Middle East and Africa continue to pour into Libya trying to reach Europe.

Our hemisphere is not free of danger to migrants and political refugees. The Dominican Republic (D.R.) is preparing to send migrant workers back to Haiti. The D.R. says the workers must become documented to stay there.

It is not easy to get the paperwork that will allow them to be documented.

Fewer than half of the more than 500,000 migrant workers are currently in the registration line. The rest have to start the process right away. Nearly all of those who need to register are Haitian.

 Two years ago, the D.R. began removing families with children born in the D.R. to Haiti. Many had never been to Haiti and may not even speak the Haitian language. Many believe the D.R. is conducting a war against Haitian.

In the U.S., legal farm workers are stuck on the Mexican side of the border. Although they have done nothing wrong, they are having trouble getting visas.  State Department computers are the problem. While the computers are being fixed, crops are in danger of dying on the vine or in the ground.

Also in the U.S., thousands of refugees are still being held in detention camps. These are the children and families from Central America who migrated here last year. Processing is slow. The U.S. is trying to discourage families from crossing the border. For these migrant families, the problem is not maltreatment. They simply are burdened by being detained.


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