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World Cup to be Less Noisy

June 8, 2014
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RTEmagicC_caxirola_protesto.jpgAt the 2010 World Cup, an instrument became famous. It was called the vuvuzela. It looked like a trumpet and sounded like a horn. Many World Cup stadiums and games had vuvuzelas. The sound could be heard on every television. South Africans liked the instrument. Many reporters and commentators hated the instrument because of the loud noise.

A scientific study has shown the vuvuzela is dangerous for humans. It can hurt the ear.

A new World Cup is being held this year. The country of Brazil is hosting the tournament. A new instrument was created for the new tournament. Brazilian composer Carlinhos Brown invented a percussion instrument called the caxirola. It is made with Brazilian plastic and is shaped like a hand grenade. It is becoming more popular.

The caxirola jangles when shaken. It is available in the colors of every nationVuvuzelas_1 at the World Cup. Unfortunately, it has been banned from the World Cup. FIFA makes the rules. It decided not to allow the instrument in stadiums. Mr. Brown was unhappy. He said he did not want to make money from the caxirola. He said he wanted to make his country proud.

Unlike the vuvuzela, the caxirola does not hurt the ear. FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) is worried that the instrument will be thrown at players or other fans. Many people do not think it will be used this way. They think the caxirola is unpopular because the vuvuzela was so unpopular. Brown hopes the FIFA will allow the instrument to be used at the games. You can buy a caxirola at Walmart for $14.00.

Source: The New York Times May 31, 2014


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