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Germany Wins World Cup

July 13, 2014
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Action Images/Zuma Press

Action Images/Zuma Press

The World Cup ended yesterday in a glorious final.

Germany prevailed over Argentina 1-0.

Mario Goetze scored the game winner in the second half of extra time. It was only minutes before a penalty shootout would have taken place

The contest was breathtaking. With wide-open chances, hard fouls and gritty defense. Germany will go down as one of the all-time greatest teams,

Argentina had not trailed an opponent in Brazil. It had not given up a goal in eight hours of play. The German coach told his team “You will have to give more than you have ever given'”

After the first hour the match was a test of wills. Both teams searched for one small opening or tiny mistake.

Until 2018, the Germans are the kings of international football.

When the goal came the crowd of more than 74,000 erupted. German chancellor Angela Merkel punched the air with both hands.

The last time Germany won the World Cup was 1990.

Source: The Wall Street Journal July 13, 2014

World Cup Final Today

World CupAfter four years, Germany is playing Argentina in the World Cup Final today in Brazil.

It is the best European team playing against the best South American team. Europe has never won the Cup playing in South America

Who is going to win?

Most experts think Germany. They are playing better than any other team in the competition. For example, they scored 17 goals in six matches. That is five goals more than any other team.The plan is for the Germans to press and attack. When they give up the ball, they try to win it back within seconds. They play at a very fast speed.

The Germans have had an extra day’s rest.

Can one man stop them? If so, it would be Lionel Messi.

The German coach said, “Nobody should feel invincible. Argentina has very strong defenders. They have players like Messi and Gonzalo Higuaín who are great on the attack.”

Can Messi or Higuain drive Argentina past Germany? Diego Maradona did it against West Germany in 1986 in Mexico City.

The current German jerseys have three shades of red. They symbolize each of the three championships the team has won. If they play as well as they have in the rest of this tournament, they will need a fourth shade when they go Russia in 2018.

However, the outcome is not certain. That is why they are playing the game today.

Source: The Wall Street Journal July 11, 2014




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