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Why Some Adults Develop Allergies?

June 1, 2014
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Why do some adultsSometimes children outgrow their allergies. Sometimes adults grow into their allergies. They find their noses dripping, their eyes watering and their skin itching.

Parents pass genes to their children. It is likely that children also will inherit genes that can produce allergies. It is not certain that they will have allergies. But their immune systems are ready for them.

Adult-onset allergies happen because allergens, such as pollen, dust mites and mold, can build up over time. Some causes, like dust mites, are a constant problem. Pollen allergies may take place in the spring and summer. Studies show that affected workers will be less productive in those seasons.

Over a long period, exposure to allergens will cause symptoms. The allergies may not happen for years.

Pregnancy and menopause can also cause the emergence of allergies. Also, as people age, their bodies may become more sensitive to allergens and become allergic.

Changes such as moving or getting rid of a pet may cause an allergy to disappear.

Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis (SAR) comes from trees, plants and other airborne sources. It is most common in teen agers and young adults. If people with SAR get a cold, it will take longer to get better. It might develop into sinusitis, asthma or an ear infection. These might need antibiotics. Experts say that allergies do not cause fevers.

Natural remedies include nasal solutions. Use daily to flush pollens and irritants from nasal passages. Prescription nasal steroid sprays may be used if flushing does not work.

Source: The Wall Street Journal                                                       May 26, 2014

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