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What is Going On With Trump?

August 21, 2017
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Donald Duck at the press conference at which he said both sides were at fault in Charlottesville.

About ten days have passed since the march in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The march of neo-Nazis and white nationalists tell us something is going on in this country. Sure, the march was anti-black people. And it was anti-Jewish people. And it was anti-immigrants. And it was anti-gays. It was about hating the ‘others.’ In fact, it was pro only one thing. And that was white people. But not all white people. Just white people who agreed with their brand of hate.

Donald Trump became president by finding a deep vein of anger in America. He campaigned on jobs and making America great. But many of his voters were not out of work or thinking about greatness.

The chord he struck was the belief held by many that ‘others’ are taking over the country. They are right that the country is changing. It is a matter of demographics. Birth rates, immigration, and death rates favor the rise of the ‘others.’ Nothing about that is going to change soon.

Trump made a political choice to show subtle support for the haters. Is he trying to unite his supporters? The next election for president is three years away. Is that what he is worried about?

The nation is debating the issues of Confederate symbols and free speech. They matter. But what is going on with the president? He is a man who has great power to harm. What is he trying to do?

Trump seems particularly obsessed with his critics in the press. Many observers say that Trump’s big need is approval. Another big need is to dominate those who oppose him.

These needs put Trump in line with people who suppress opponents. Men like Venezuela’s Maduro and Turkey’s Erdogan. Lawmakers and judges can make it hard for such people. But a free press can make it almost impossible for dictators to dominate.

Trump’s behavior is putting many Americans on edge. Is the president losing the support of his party? Is he losing the support of his voters? As many fear, is he becoming unstable?

The anxiety of Americans today is not about the economy or even North Korea. It is about the erratic behavior of the man in the White House.

Resource: The New York Times August 19, 2017



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