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What Is Ahead for 2015 and Popular Stories for 2014

December 28, 2014
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Some experts think we are heading for big changes in 2015.

The biggest news at the end of this year was how much the price of gas and oil went down. This helps consumers in places like the United States. Oil prices do not drive our economy. Consumers can use lower gas prices to travel more, buy more and make our economy grow.

That means more jobs. More jobs mean workers can seek better wages. Experts call this unused U.S. capacity. Even if the economy and wages heat up, it does not necessarily mean that the cost of goods and services will rise by too much. When prices rise too quickly, buyers get less for their money. That is called inflation. The job of the experts is to let the economy grow but keep prices in check.

Warnings of climate change are coming from the experts. Some are saying the earth is in danger of drought in some places, flooding in others. A few go so far as to say that we are nearing the end of being able to do something about these dangers. Climate-change deniers see nothing dangerous taking place. In the middle are experts who say keep your eye on the earth’s temperature. It may not be going up as fast as you think. Some of the danger may not be as real as many predict.

President Obama changed the rules for some immigrants. He said the parents of children born in the U.S. could apply for legal status. About five million people may apply. They will have to prove they will be good residents. They will have to pay back taxes and fees. Republicans take over the Senate and House of Representatives in January 2015. They will try to block the program. Experts will point out that stopping the program may hurt Republicans in the 2016 presidential election.

Events in the Middle East are likely to continue to be tense. Some experts think ISIS will not be able to govern. They think the people under ISIS rule will turn against them. Many believe that the allied forces will become more effective and will be able to reverse ISIS advances. It may well be a decisive year.

Keep in mind that all the things discussed (except maybe climate) were not really in the news when 2014 began.  Now comes 2015. Fasten your seatbelts.

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