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We Have Met the Enemy, it is – Saudi Arabia

May 30, 2016
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Turning Kosovo in a terrorist state is the goal of Saudi Arabia.

Turning Kosovo in a terrorist state is the goal of Saudi Arabia.

Where do terrorists come from? Where do they get their beliefs? Who pays for their training? The answer to all three questions is Saudi Arabia.

Saudis practice “Wahhabism.” It is the belief that if people do not follow a strict Muslim regimen, it is permissible to harm or kill them.

Most of the 9/11 terrorists who struck the World Trade Center in New York City were Saudi.

The latest example of Wahhabism is taking place in Kosovo. Kosovo is one of the Balkan nations. It is a small country. There are only 1.8 million people living there.

The U.S. freed Kosovo from Serbia nearly twenty years ago. America saw a chance to create a new democracy. Kosovo’s religion is Muslim. It was a tolerant society.

The Saudis saw a chance to spread Wahhabism. Saudi charities sent money to Kosovo. Saudi religious groups did as well. The Saudi government was careful to use others to build Mosques. They support the Imams who spread the word of Wahhabism.

Saudi Arabia is trying to turn Kosovo into a radical Islamic society. Kosovo is becoming home to terrorists. It is sending men, women and children to fight with terrorists in Syria and Iraq.

A moderate cleric talked about the process. Young Kosovo Muslims get funds to go to Saudi Arabia. There, they often convert to the Wahhabism version of the Muslim religion. The young people then come back to Kosovo. He said the main goal of their activity is to to start conflict between moderates and followers of Wahhabism. He said, “This first creates division, and then hatred. Then it can come to what happened in Arab countries. Wars start because of these conflicting ideas.”

The Imams preach strict Sharia law. It includes idea of violent jihad or struggle. This idea permits the killing of Muslims. They call those people heretics. It means they do not follow their interpretation of Islam.

The money continues to flow in from other Arab countries. Kosovo is changing. It is changing from a tolerant nation to a breeding ground for terrorism.

The U.S. and the U.N. know all about it. They are working with moderates to stop the zealots.

Source: The New York Times May 21, 2016

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