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U.S. to Start Removing Some Undocumented Families

December 28, 2015
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removing families

Every country has the right to secure its borders. Every country has the right to choose whom it will allow in.

Political asylum is one way to get quick entry. Immigrants can show that they are fleeing from danger. The danger could be war, politics, crime or domestic violence. A popular way to enter the U.S. is over the Mexican border.

Over the last year, thousands of families fled from their countries in Central America. They poured into the United States. Now, the U.S. will start returning many of them to their home country.

A federal judge will have been ordered the removal of the families. In other words, they did not get asylum. The exact number of families is not known.

Violence in Central American countries is not abating. Drought is adding to the crisis. The rush to the Mexican border continues.

Many of the families who are to be removed are currently living in detention centers. Federal courts have said families cannot be in such centers for long periods. Some families are in the U.S. and living with relatives already. They too may be removed.

The new program is a problem for Democrats. They are trying to get the Latino vote. They also support moving people to a legal status. Republicans will use the program to say President Obama has failed to secure the border.

Advocates are finding fault with the program. They say the government should welcome people who are fleeing violence. It is the humanitarian thing to do. One said, “The U.S. should be ashamed for using jails and deportation tactics.”

Other groups support efforts to limit immigration. They believe the government is just making a show of sending families home. One said, “I will believe it when I see it.”

There is no way any immigration plan will please everyone.

Source: The Washington Post December 23, 2015

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