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U.S. Sending Back Refugees from Central America 

January 11, 2016
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RIO GRANDE CITY, TX - DECEMBER 08: A U.S. Border Patrol agent checks a Central American migrant's documents. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

RIO GRANDE CITY, TX – DECEMBER 08: A U.S. Border Patrol agent checks a Central American migrant’s documents. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

Who is “illegal?”

Thousands of women and children get to the U.S. through Mexico. Most of them are from Central America. They say criminal gangs at home make their lives too dangerous.

Migrants seek asylum. Their cases are to be heard by judges. The U.S. has said that if they do not win their case to stay here, they will have to be sent back to their home countries. Cases that have not gotten asylum are now starting to be sent back.

When the judge rules against them, they became illegal. Advocates say the system is unfair. Many of the migrants do not have lawyers. Without advice from lawyers, many of them will not show up for dates in court. Advocates also point out that the families will have to go back to places where their lives are in danger.

The U.S. says it has to enforce the laws. Justice in America is sometimes slow and clumsy. But it does its job. People will be returned to their homelands.

There are rumors of forced removals in New York City. There have been removals in Georgia, North Carolina and Texas. Fear is everywhere.

American experts say once a large number of people head for the U.S. border, it is hard to stop the flow. There are rumors that if you get to states inside this country you will be left alone. Removing people will persuade people not to try to come here.

Immigration is also about politics. Donald Trump is running to be the Republican nominee for president. He is a nativist. That means he does not like foreigners. He seems to speak for a lot of people. He is rousing his supporters to oppose Muslim migration to the U.S.

It is the tradition of America to welcome immigrants. What kind of country we are will be tested in the coming campaign for president.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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