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U.S. Policy Turns Against Child Migrants

August 10, 2014
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The U.S. is sending a message. It does not want migrant parents to come to America with their kids. It does not want them sending kids by themselves.

The United States is no longer welcoming child migrants. They are now going to isolated detention centers.

For example, Homeland Security opened a detention center in Artesia, New Mexico. Artesia is 700 miles from South Texas, where they came into the U.S. In the Artesia center, more than 200 people were deported from the center in the first month. The plan is to send most back within ten days.

One lawyer said he was trying to reach his client from New York, but there were no telephone landlines at the Artesia center. Another said, “They just set up this big deportation mill in the middle of nowhere.” He said one woman had her claim denied while her lawyer was standing outside the center waiting to be let in.

Another detention center opened in Karnes City, Texas. Many are being deported.

The adult migrants are protesting. They say it is not safe to go home. One said, “All my family is here in America. Back there is a gang that said they would hurt my son.”

Immigration officers are interviewing the families. Lawyers and others claim that justice is not being done.

The government is trying to make the centers livable. Those entering get medical exams and vaccinations. Most agree the effort is makeshift. The real goal is swift deportation for most.

Homeland Security said the new centers would make removals more effective and timely. Homeland Security states that we will comply with our legal and international obligations.

Source: The New York Times August 5, 2014

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