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U.S Immigration Program Attacked in New York

May 10, 2011
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State lawmakers urged Governor Andrew Cuomo to have New York quit a national program that sends the fingerprints of everyone booked by police to a national database.

Recently, the governor of Illinois said he was taking his state out of the program. Many places in the country are also unhappy with the program.

Secure Communities is the name of the program. The Department of Homeland Security runs it. The Obama administration says it is a big part of its efforts to control immigration.

Fingerprints may show that the person is in the country illegally, or is a non-citizen immigrant with a criminal record. The person is then subject to deportation.

Reviewing the program, advocates said one in four of the people deported were not convicted of a crime. In some places, more than half the people deported were not convicted.

Counties in New York began enforcing the law earlier this year. Advocates said about 80 percent of the immigrants charged had no criminal record.

The Obama administration opposes efforts of governments to leave the program.

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