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Trump Wins

November 9, 2016
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Donald Trump, Getty Photo.

Donald Trump, Getty Photo.

Donald J. Trump is the next president of the United States. He won big.

If he does as president what he said, he will do. It will be hard on Muslims and the undocumented.

The US president has many powers. One of the biggest is how he enforces the laws. For example, there are many laws on safety in the workplace. The agencies enforce them by “regulations.” These rules cost employers money. The president appoints the head of the agency in charge of workplace safety. If he tells that person to “go easy,” the agency may not enforce the rules.

This could take place across the government. President Trump chooses the heads of the agencies.

Trump’s campaign broke all the rules of politics.

  • He had no political experience
  • His campaign staff had no campaign experience
  • He spent little on advertising
  • He had no get-out-the-vote ground operation
  • He was not endorsed by major media


was good at one thing. In sports, it is “trash-talking.” It means you insult your opponent. You try to rattle him into making mistakes. Trump found out trash-talking worked in the primaries. He kept it up in the race against Hillary Clinton. He turned the race into a spectacle.

The “experts” were against him. He trash-talked them.

The United States has now a radical president. One who believes everything he says without knowing why he said it. The US may have the next Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. It may have the next Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines. These are men who won an election and became autocrats.

Is he is a racist and hostile to women? Will he build a wall and deport the undocumented? Will he reverse Obama’s immigration rules? Will he rip up the agreement with Iran? Will he “carpet bomb” in Syria. Will he let Russian leader Putin have his way in Europe? This country will find out. People across the globe have every reason to be scared.

Still, it was a democratic election. We abide by the outcome.

We are now in a dangerous unknown territory. As they say, “Fasten your seat belts.”

Source: The New York Times November 9, 2016

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