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Trump: The Gun Control President?

January 12, 2017
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Photo credit: Getty Images.

Photo credit: Getty Images.

Americans love their guns. It seems no other people on earth spend more time and money buying guns than Americans. When they are not buying guns, Americans are fighting for laws that protect their right to buy guns.

The election of Barack Obama scared the owners of guns. They thought he was going to change the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. That amendment protects the rights of Americans to “keep and bear arms.”

Obama was not going to do that. It did not matter. Gun owners thought he would. So, just in case he did, they went out and bought all the guns they could. Hillary Clinton scared gun owners as well.  And she did so for the same reason.

Could anything change gun owners’ fears? Could anything reduce the sale of guns? It turns out there was. It was the election of Donald Trump.

Since Trump won the presidential election, gun sales have gone down. Gun owners believe that “one of their own” is coming to the White House. Everyone should be happy. Except for advocates of gun control

States and cities can pass their own gun laws. The pro-gun states are a problem. Firearms make their way from pro-gun states to buyers in the anti-gun states. Most of the buyers are criminals. Trump’s election will not change that.

The companies that make guns are also unhappy with Trump’s election. Their sales are way down. They were a growth industry. Now, they have less value in the stock market. The value of their stock is down. Wall Street is reviewing some mergers between companies.

This might not be a good time to invest in the gun industry.

The F.B.I. does arrest record checks on people when they buy arms. The number of checks has gone down. A gun business analyst said, “There is no question gun sales have fallen because of the election.”

There is a certain irony here. The pro-business, pro-gun president-elect is hurting the gun industry. And at the same time, he is making America safer. Fewer guns in the hands of people should mean fewer guns fired.

Source: The New York Post January 9, 2017

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