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Trump Takes Credit for Keeping Open an Auto Plant That Was Not Closing

November 21, 2016
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Workers assembling an auto at the Ford plant in Louisville.Photo credit: Bryan Woolston/Reuters

Workers assembling an auto at the Ford plant in Louisville.Photo credit: Bryan Woolston/Reuters

It may be a long four years.

The Ford Motor Company makes one model of its Lincoln cars in Kentucky. They were planning to move the making of the model to Mexico. The move would not take any jobs out of its plant in Kentucky. That plant is working at full capacity. It makes Ford Escapes.

It was never moving any jobs. The company decided not to make the move. Kentucky will still make the cars.

After the company had made the decision, Donald Trump called the head of Ford. They had a nice chat. Then Mr. Trump posted on Twitter, “I worked hard with Bill Ford to keep the Lincoln plant in Kentucky.”

But Ford said it made the decision before the phone call.

Donald Trump built his campaign on bringing jobs back to American workers. The decision by Ford is not an example of bringing jobs back.

Trump was hard on the Ford Company during the campaign. During the campaign, the head of Ford said, “Look, we are everything he should be celebrating about this country.” Ford makes more vehicles in America than any other company. He went on to say,” He knows all that. I cannot control what he says.”

How might Trump bring back jobs? An executive at Ford said he hoped Trump would make it easier to build things in America. He said he hoped that Trump might govern in a way that is different than his campaign speeches. He said, “So let us just wait and see.”

Ford decided not to send work to Mexico. It was not going to close its plant in Kentucky. Mr. Trump calls that a victory. But where are the new jobs?

To sum up: Ford makes the Lincoln MKC and the Ford Escape in Kentucky. To make more Escapes it was sending the making of the MKC to Mexico. Now it is not doing that. This means it will make fewer of the more affordable Escapes.

Source: The New York Times November 18, 2016

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