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Latino Media Takes On Donald Trump Over His Immigration Positions

August 27, 2015
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Donald Trump orders the removal of Univision reporter, Jorge Ramos from a press conference. Ramos returned later.

Donald Trump orders the removal of Univision reporter, Jorge Ramos from a press conference. Ramos returned later.

Donald Trump is a New York real estate developer. He is running for the Republican nomination for president. He has never held public office. There is no reason to take him seriously.

Yet Trump is leading in the polls for the nomination. Why? First, he is a public relations genius. Starting as a young man, he found that the more outrageous he was, the more the press would cover him. He also has no personal behavioral bounds. He surrounds himself with people who enable him to be as outlandish as he wants to be.

He makes a lot of money. However, he has filed for bankruptcy four times.

It is not surprising that Trump is viewed as a very bad man by Latino media. He has said most Mexican undocumented migrants are “rapists and criminals.” He has used immigration as a way to bring out the worst aspects of the American character.

Part of the problem is that Trump is willfully ignorant and stupid about immigration. For example, he was told that nearly half of the unauthorized migrants came to America on student or vacation visas. He said, “I don’t believe that.”

The Latino media is going after Trump. Its coverage of him has been very negative. He does not seem to care.

Latino reporters are hostile. One said, “As in everything else, Trump is not telling the truth.” One called him, “El hombre del peluquín” — the man of the toupee.

The relationship between Trump and the Latino press is going to get very ugly.

This speaks to the place of Hispanics in the United States. If Trump had targeted almost any other group, he could not be a serious candidate. If undocumented migrants were not a political issue, there would be no attacks on Latinos.

In the end, the undocumented migrant question has to be resolved in a way that most Americans support. Or it will continue to divide the country.

Source: The New York Times August 26, 2015

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