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Trump Slowed in Race to Republican Nomination

March 16, 2016
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YOUNGSTOWN, OH - MARCH 14: Republican presidential candidate Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Photo by Angelo Merendino/Getty Images

YOUNGSTOWN, OH – MARCH 14: Republican presidential candidate Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Photo by Angelo Merendino/Getty Images

Governor John Kasich won the Ohio primary. This makes it harder for Donald Trump to get 1237 delegates. That is the number needed to get the nomination.  If he does not reach that number, the delegates at the convention will play a role in choosing the nominee.

Many Republicans do not think Trump is fit to be president. They think he will drag the party to a disaster in November. Now we will see how strong and smart the Republican Party leaders are.

Marco Rubio has bowed out of the race. He lost to Trump in his home state of Florida. Experts do not know which candidate he may choose to support.

The remaining Republican candidates are Trump, John Kasich and Ted Cruz. Many Republicans believe Cruz would be as bad as Trump for the party.

Trump has no experience in government. He has gone bankrupt several times. Many think he is not qualified to be president. Many Republicans and most Democrats think his election would be a disaster.

Hillary Clinton is heading for the Democratic nomination. Many agree that she has the experience and background to be a good president. Many people do not like her. Why is she not popular?

She has had been in some scandals, including the recent email controversy. She has been in public life for more than 40 years. There is almost no way to be in the public eye that long without facing criticism for some problems.

The big story last night is Governor Kasich’s victory in Ohio. He is a candidate whom moderates may support. The path to be the party candidate may have shifted in the country last night. Trump will continue to get headlines. It is a skill he has perfected.

The next big challenge is to make the Republican convention a contested convention. It will be a place where political deals may stop Donald Trump.

Source: The New York Times March 15, 2016

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