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Trump Missteps Keep Piling Up

August 10, 2016
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Donald Trump speaking at a recent gathering of he National Rifle Association.

Donald Trump speaking at a recent gathering of the National Rifle Association.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have problems with voters. Many voters say Mrs. Clinton is not honest.

Her defects do not match those of Mr. Trump. Yesterday in North Carolina, Trump made news again. He warned his fans that electing Mrs. Clinton would put the Second Amendment in danger. She would appoint judges who favor gun control. He went on: “If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks. Although the Second Amendment people – maybe there is, I don’t know.”

Democrats said it was not good judgement to suggest violence. Senator Susan Collins is a Republican from Maine. She said she would not vote for Trump. She also said his remarks were a “poor choice of words.”

Trump made a speech in Detroit. He read his remarks about tax reform. Many experts said his plan would help the rich. He would lower the highest tax rate. That helps rich people. He would end estate taxes. That helps rich people. About helping lower income people? He would let parents deduct the average cost of child care. That sounds good. But rich people spend much more on child care. The deduction would help rich people the most.

Trump was having problems on other fronts. His poll numbers are going down. Right now, Clinton is ahead by seven points. The other day, fifty experts on national security spoke out. They said he would be dangerous as president. They were all Republicans.

Some states that usually vote Republican look like they may go to Clinton. For example, Utah and Arizona.

Republicans want Trump to move toward the center. That is the way to win the election. He did so recently. He came out in support of Speaker Paul Ryan. Mr. Ryan just won his primary. Some of his supporters say that makes him just like other politicians. He risks losing his base the more he goes toward the center.

Source: The New York Times August 9, 2016

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