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Trump and the ‘Disaffected White Voter’

March 22, 2016
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 A user addicted to heroin shoots up in St. Johnsbury Vermont. Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

A user addicted to heroin shoots up in St. Johnsbury Vermont. Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Who are the people who support Donald Trump? New information about them is coming in. Some experts are calling these voters, “disaffected white people.” The are different than mainstream Americans. The mainstream is not rich or poor. Mainstream is working, educated, married with a family, and living in a nice home.

The disaffected voters who support Trump are the opposite of the mainstream. But, like the mainstream, they are white. They are more likely to be using legal and illegal drugs. They are also dying younger than they used to. America’s minorities also face difficult conditions. But yet they are not voting for Trump.  What is the difference between working class whites and minorities? For one thing, minorities are a growing segment. They are increasing in numbers and influence. They see a positive future.

An observer said the middle and working classes used to embody America’s values. Hard work brought returns. It now seems that education is the most important factor. Education, work and marriage are necessary for the good life.

No one is sure why changing times are affecting the white working class so much.   Are these disaffected white voters causing some of their own problems? Why do they not get off drugs, go to school and marry?

Observers point out that policymakers ignore this group. Money and attention go to increasing the potential of minorities. They say it is time to look at the needs of lower income white people.

Experts are saying there are other reasons why lower income whites are voting for Trump. They resent and blame others for what is happening to them. There have been some job losses from trade agreements with other countries. There is less need for brawn and more need for brains in the job market.

All this leads to the appeal of Trump. He does not have solutions. He is representing the frustrations of the white, working, lower income people.

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