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To Lose Weight – Wait

January 5, 2018
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Use a clock to help you fast.

To Lose Weight – Wait

Wait to eat that is.

New research confirms that some fasting is the key to weight control.

Experts do not say go on a fast. That is harmful to your health. Instead, they say go on a fast of between twelve and sixteen hours a day.

The name of the program is “time-restricted feeding,” or TRF.

In TRF, you can eat what you want and as much as you want. Just not whenever you want. Daily food intake should be during a 12-hour period. It is ideal to cut the period of eating down to eight to 10 hours.

You pick the hours you want to eat. Do not stuff your face. Eat as you do every day

Only take in drinks like water and black coffee during fasting hours.

Most people following TRF end up taking in fewer calories and lose weight. There are other health benefits of fasting for 12 hours or more. They include lower blood pressure and improved glucose levels. Experts observe physiological changes linked to slowing the aging process.

Researchers think that when the body fasts it breaks down food and fat.

One small study was of eight overweight people who ate for 15-plus hours a day. When they restricted their eating to a 10-hour window for 16 weeks, they lost 4% of their weight. After a year of sticking to plan, they kept the weight off.

A researcher said, “All said they slept better. They felt more energetic throughout the day. They were actually feeling less hungry.”

A doctor started recommending TRP to overweight patients. She said to restrict their eating to 11 to 12 hours a day. She thinks TRP is for patients who want to lower blood pressure or blood glucose levels.

Another study found that TRP is good for overweight men at risk of type-2 diabetes. The men lost weight. They improved their glucose levels. A doctor said, “There’s something else going on that is not just driven by weight change.”

People in another study consumed about 300 fewer calories a day. They lost an average of seven pounds. The weight loss was in fat deposits and not in muscle mass.

One expert said, “The real power of TRF is the simplicity of it.”

Source: The Wall Street Journal January 2, 2018


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To Lose Weight – Wait

To Lose Weight – Wait

Wait to eat that is.

New research confirms that...

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