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The New Cyberwar Against Islamic Terrorists

April 27, 2016
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Photo by Scott Nelson/Getty Images

Photo by Scott Nelson/Getty Images

The United States is trying a new way to wage the war against the Islamic State (ISIS). The U. S. will be dropping “cyber bombs.”

This is war using new technology. It is the age of the cyberweapon. Its purpose is to disrupt the way terrorists reach each other.

America has used cyberweapons against Iran, North Korea, Russia, China and other nations. These nations are trying to disrupt our computer systems. The U.S. thinks cyberweapons also will work in the Middle East.

America’s use of these weapons is not much talked about.

The goals of the new campaign are to make it hard for the Islamic State to spread its message. It is to make it harder for ISIS to attract new fighters. It could also disrupt their commanders’ efforts to issue orders. It should make it harder to pay their troops.

The goal is to convince Islamic State fighters in the field that they cannot trust what they are hearing.

The program is starting with “implants” that will change messages. For example, the program could order militants to go to places where drones can kill them. They can find ISIS banks. That can result in their destruction. The program can reroute Payments and funds.

The program is not simple. It touches on international law. There are rules against listening to or disrupting communications within nations. U.S. officials say they are proceeding with care.

Cyberweapons work is also starting in America. The government is working with Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. These companies can impede the messages of militants. They do not need a court order to do so.

When you use cyberweapons, the enemy will soon know they are in use. They also can change their methods.

Cyberwarfare will not win the battle, officials say. But it will help.

Source: The New York Times April 24, 2016

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