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The Jobless Do Not Always Become Voters for Trump

November 1, 2016
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Many Americans have lost their factory jobs. One reason is that jobs have been going overseas. Another reason is the huge downturn in the economy.  Many voters who have lost jobs support Donald Trump. But not all Americans feel Trump is the answer.

Many black Americans do not like Donald Trump. They say he will create more racism in America. Some black Americans gathered at a food pantry in Philadelphia. They talked about their problems. They talked about the reasons that they are voting for Hillary Clinton.

Residents in this area of Philadelphia are blue-collar workers. The voters know the election is not about them. One observer said, “Politics is for the very rich and the very poor.”

Race matters, though. Many say President Obama made America great. Many say he saved the nation from the recession.

They say Mr. Trump’s war on Islam matters. They do not want their children go to war. Trump’s view of says law and order matters. Black voters see the police killing black men. Trump talks about voter fraud. Black Americans see their civil rights in danger.

These are some of the ways that the black poor differ from the white poor. Hardship is harder on them. They have fewer homes and less money in the bank. They inherit less money. Single moms and grandparents are raising more of their children.

They come to food pantries to talk and get food.  Blacks do agree that Trump tells a small truth. There is violence in the community. But watching Trump rallies brings back bad memories. Memories of racism in the South. They say Trump sees himself as the “master.” They are the “slaves.”

One woman told her grandson that he must vote. She said “That it is not a given right. Too many people died for you to give up that right.”

Trump’s campaign offered one insight. Black Americans can now see how much hostility there is in America to them. One person said, “It kind of pulled a blindfold off America.”

Source: The New York Times October 30, 2016

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