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The American Mexican Border: Update

December 3, 2015
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borderAll around the world people are trying to move to safer places. This makes it harder to understand why immigration in the United States is such a big political issue. The U.S. has its borders under control. Or does it?

One study says the flow of migrants into the country is under control. For the last ten years, the number of Mexicans coming into the country has been about the same as the number of Mexicans leaving to go back home.

Now, however, more Mexicans are going home than are coming here.

Experts say this is not such good news. One of the reasons is that Mexicans will work at jobs others do not want. They work in building, farming and service jobs. As Americans get older, the demand for those kinds of workers grows.

Mexico is changing. As in many countries, people are having fewer children. It is easier to get a job there.

American policy is making it harder to bring families into the country. Many border agents have been added. As a result, the number of migrants crossing the border has gone down. The Mexican surge to the U.S. is over at this time.

There is another surprise at the border. Last year thousands of Central Americans were crossing the border. Mexico started stopping them, so many did not reach the U.S. border.

Suddenly the number has shot up again. The crossers still are mostly children and families. Almost all of them are stopped at the border. What to do with them is still a problem.

It has become much harder to travel across Mexico to get to the U.S. border. Experts say it is not that the U.S. is paradise. The crossers are refugees from countries where there is too much violence, crime and poverty.

America is known as a nation of immigrants. It is also a nation of strong differences and strong opinions. Still, many politicians are not doing anything to help solve the problems.

Source: The Los Angeles Times November 30, 2015

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