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President Trump is Turning America into a Different Nation

February 3, 2017
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A demonstration. The world as Donald Trump sees it.

A demonstration in a Muslim country. The world as Donald Trump sees it.

After two weeks, Trump is clear. America is engaged in a “Clash of Civilizations.”

On one side is an America based on Christian ideals. The ones found in the Constitution and the Bible.

On the other side is the Nation of Islam. No, not all Muslims are terrorists. But until we defeat or identify them, the safest course is to ban them all.

There is a more sinister idea behind his view. The U.S. is at war with “Jihadist Islamic Fascism.” That idea comes out of interviews given by Trump’s top aide, Stephen Bannon. It states that the Islamic Fascists want to conquer the West by force. They want to install Sharia (Islamic) law in Western countries. Other top officials in the White House embrace this view.

America will end its centuries-old policy of welcoming newcomers. It will become a fortress state.

President Obama agreed to take 1,250 Muslim refugees from Australia. Trump is resisting the agreement. It will be a test of his resolve.

The order banning Muslims is far-reaching and profound. It creates issues about legal status. Who can come into the U.S.? Who can leave and then return? Answers to these questions remain unclear.

The U.S. has been dealing with Islamic terrorism since the attack on the World Trade Center. It took place September 11, 2001. The policy under presidents Bush and Obama favors our tradition of standing up for our values. Tolerance was their message. No more.

Trump thinks that the U.S. can win the wars with other nations. He believes in a fundamental change in U.S. policy. He wants a military war with Islam. He wants a trade war with China. He wants a diplomatic war with Iran.

Fights like these are just what some of his supporters want. Of course, they also expect him to deliver on jobs and health care.

The U.S. is about to have a political crisis. Trump is doing what he can to change America and its role in the world.  Where he is going and whether his plans will work is still in the future.

Resource: The New York Times February 1, 2017

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