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America Pulling Up the Welcome Mat

November 22, 2017
Plain English Version

It will not be easy to work in America.

Fewer foreign tourists and students are coming to America. And that is only the beginning.

Many people want to come to America. Most of the time, most of the people who


Manus Island: No Asylum, No Food, No Hope

November 20, 2017
Plain English Version

Asylum seekers atManus Island, Papua New Guinea. Abdul Aziz Adam/via REUTERS

But still, the asylum seekers held on Manus Island stay alive. Even as the spirits and mental health of the men fail.

For now, some of the

Blood Pressure: Do You Need It?

November 17, 2017
Plain English Version

Get an accurate blood pressure reading.

Yes, you do. If you do not have blood pressure, it means you are dead. So we all need blood pressure. What we do not need is high blood pressure. Hypertension is another name


America’s Sex Scandal

November 15, 2017
Plain English Version

Women are demonstrating against exploitation.

Did sex scandals begin with Bill Clinton? In 1992, Gennifer Flowers said Clinton had relations with her while married. Paula Jones said Clinton harassed her sexually when she was an Arkansas state employee. President Clinton …

Saudi Arabia Upending Arab World

November 13, 2017
Plain English Version

Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia was the most conservative Arab nation. It restricted the freedom of its women. Only recently has it allowed females to drive.

It made peace with the religious Wahhabi zealots within

Alcohol and Cancer

November 10, 2017
Plain English Version

Alcohol and cancer. Getty

Is it safe to drink?

It can be hard to find something that does not cause cancer. Too much sun, too much weight, too little exercise, too much smoking – are all causes of cancer. And

Refugees on Manus Island Come to the End of the Road

November 8, 2017
Plain English Version

Refugees on Manus Island. Reuters

Refugees flee hardship and violence. Poverty in Africa is one reason. Violence in the  Middle East is another reason. Crime in Central America is yet another reason.

Europe is the goal of most refugees.


The Chinese are Coming

November 6, 2017
Plain English Version

Xi Jinping and Mao Zedong.

Xi Jinping is the head of China. He runs the government, the armed forces, and the Communist Party.  Mr. Xi became strong by fighting corruption in China. This allowed him to get rid of enemies.

Toddlers and Tantrums

November 3, 2017
Plain English Version

The toddler is having a tantrum.

The tantrums of a toddler are normal. Except when they are not. Advice for parents is available from experts.

First, the wrong thing for a parent to do is to get angry.

A doctor


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