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One Risk of Being Famous

April 1, 2017
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A Statue of the great landscape architect, being completed by Zenos Frudkakis. It was well-received.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a world-famous soccer star. If you are famous, they will name things after you. For example, an airport. The Madeira International Airport in Portugal is now the Aeroporto Cristiano Ronaldo.

What comes with an airport? Perhaps a bust (statue). Last week the bust of Ronaldo was unveiled. It went viral. Ronaldo is a handsome man. Many thought the bust was comical. It has a goofy smirk. The eyes were not even.

Many people on the Internet thought this bust of Cristaldo Ronaldo was awful.

It is not easy to sculpt people. The medium is bronze. It is hard. There also is a life-size statue of Ronaldo in Madeira. Eyebrows went up over the bulge in his soccer shorts.

Statues keep going up. Last week, it was the basketball star, Shaquille O’Neil. It is in the arena where he played most of his games. The statue is somewhat overwhelming.

The great basketball star, Shaquille O’Neil.

Athletes are not the only subjects of statues and busts. The famous actress Lucille Ball (“I Love Lucy”) had a statue in her hometown in western New York. After many found the statue “scary,” a new statue arrived.

The “scary” Lucille Ball.

The new Lucille Ball.

Back to sports. Many believe the greatest athlete was David, the underdog who slew Goliath. There is a statue of him by Michelangelo. It is a little eye opening. But is one of the masterpieces of all time.

David by Michelangelo.

How would the world greet a great statue of Ronaldo like this?

Source: The New York Times March 29, 2017

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