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HEALTH ISSUE Next to Go in Your Diet: Sugar

August 3, 2014
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Kids SnacksThe World Health Organization says your daily intake of sugar should be just five percent of your total calories. That is half of what it recommended before.

This means the average American would have to reduce the amount of sugar he consumes by two-thirds. That includes sugars added to foods and those in honey, syrups and fruit juices. It does not include the sugar naturally found in fruits.

The American Heart Association advises limiting sugar to about 8 percent of your diet. This is six teaspoons a day for women and nine for men. The new nutrition labels will list added sugars.

Sugar promotes weight gain and dental cavities.

Scientists say that heavy people have a higher risk of chronic diseases, responsible for more than 60 percent of global deaths. The cost of dental care is responsible for 10 percent of health budgets in Western countries and is a major problem in the developing world.

Again, fewer calories from sugar will mean less obesity and healthier teeth.

An expert said the new guidelines could force manufacturers to rethink how they are using sugar.  He said the amount in foods like bread, soups, pasta sauces and even salad dressing is an “absolute, unmitigated disaster.”  It is expected that the sugar industry will object to the new guidelines.

Source: The Washington Post                                                                                                                                                                      March 5, 2014

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