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Movement Growing to Increase Deferrals

August 24, 2014
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deferralsPresident Obama ordered a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA). The program is for young people who came here with undocumented parents. It allows them to go to school and work for two years. Then they can reapply.

Many states add to DACA. They are giving drivers licenses to people in the program. Some are charging in-state tuition rates for them at state colleges.

Advocates want millions more to be protected by DACA.

Opponents of DACA do not see it the same way. They say DACA caused the wave of young migrants from Central America. They want the program ended.

President Obamas said if Congress does nothing he would do something. Nobody knows his plans. Experts say he cannot give mass deferments. That would be against the law.

Four undocumented people have stepped forward. They all arrived in the U.S. as youngsters. They come from Germany, the Philippines, South Korea and Mexico. They are asking Homeland Security for four-year deferrals.

Each of the four – Michaela Graham, Jose Antonio Vargas, Jong Min You and Maria del Rosario Duarte feel they are Americans. Some were just a little too old for DACA.

Mr. Min You came from South Korea when he was one year old. He graduated from college. He wants to go to law school. Now he is working in the family grocery store in Brooklyn.

Ms. Duarte is caring for three grandchildren in Alabama. All were born here. She wants to be legal so she can adopt them and work at a job.

The divide between those who support DACA and those who oppose it could not be wider.

The November elections are a big problem for some Democrats. They support immigration reform, but they fear the issue will be used against them.

Advocates do not want to wait.

Source: The New York Times August 19, 2014

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