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Miracle Paint Kills Bugs in its Path

July 30, 2012
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A new paint called Inesfly is killing bugs and mosquitoes in South America and Africa. In Bolivia it is wiping out vinchuca or “Kissing” bugs that lead to incurable and often fatal Chagas disease. Bolivia is the center of a worldwide Chagas epidemic. Chagas affects up to ten million people, including one million in the United States.

In the past ten years, Inesfly paint has covered about 7,000 houses in the Chaco region of Bolivia. By most estimates, the vinchuca bugs vanish within a week. No houses have suffered repeat infestations. The  paint has reduced infestation rates from as high as 90 percent to nearly zero.

Its use is spreading. Scientists are testing the paint’s ability to reduce dengue and sleeping sickness in Africa. They are also testing against the mosquito that causes malaria.

A scientist said, “The product is without doubt a great hope for Africa. Just thinking about what could be painted – homes, restaurants, theaters, airports – gives us a glimpse of its possible impact.”

In tests in Mexico, the paint killed scorpions. In another test in the Tabasco region, dengue-carrying mosquitoes were reduced to just one percent of homes. The paint is much more effective than insecticides and pesticides.

One doctor said his first findings suggest that painting barns, stalls, pens and fencing will prevent the spread of salmonella.

Developed by a small Spanish company called Inesba, the paint has not yet been fully tested by the World Health Organization.

Inesfly may soon be available in the United States. The company is waiting for approval by the Environmental Protection Agency. It hopes to market the paint here to control household pests like cockroaches and ants.

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