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Made in America Week? There are No Maids in America. What?

July 24, 2017
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Donald Trump’s resort, Mar a Largo, cannot find U.S. workers to serve its guests.

There are three hundred and twenty-five million people in America. Donald Trump cannot find any of them to fill some jobs at his fancy resort in Florida.

Last week was “Made in America” week. The event is a celebration of American industry. It would seem to be a poor time to apply for visas for foreign workers. But that is what Trump’s Mar a Largo resort did. It asked to hire seventy foreign workers. The jobs are for cooks, waiters, and housekeepers. A nearby resort also owned by the president asked to hire six foreign cooks.

The U.S. labor department must approve. The workers will come to America on H-2B visas. These visas are for hiring foreign temporary workers. Trump wants to add to the number of these visas.

The Secret Service has not said whether there will be more vetting of these workers. They may work around the president.

It is not that easy to get H-2B visas. The employer has to show that he has made good faith efforts to find American workers. Trump resorts do not think they can find American workers to take the jobs.

The president’s daughter is not bringing workers to America for her company. Her company makes its products in China and other countries. The list includes clothing, kitchen and bathroom items.

She was present when her father said, “We will follow two simple rules – buy American and hire American.” Many companies make products overseas. Many follow a “best practices” code. Her companies do not. Best practices include checking on working conditions.

The Trump hotels have many products made in China. They include towels and bedding. The president has said it is sometimes hard to find these things made in America. That is the reason given by all businesses that import goods. Of course, America can make almost anything. Companies and consumers would have to pay more.

Donald Trump is a global businessman. He is also President of the United States. Sometimes the two interests of the two are not the same.

Source: The Washington Post July 20, 2017

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