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Keep Your Eye on This Immigration Case in Brooklyn

October 14, 2016
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Young and undocumented.

Young and undocumented.

A federal judge in Texas said “no” to President Obama. The president was trying to make it easier for undocumented people to get legal status. That would allow millions to go to school and work.

The judge said Obama’s new rules could not go into effect. He agreed with the state of Texas. The undocumented would cost the state money. That is because the state would pay for some of the cost of issuing driver’s licenses. The judge said that was enough to make the new rules illegal. The U.S. Supreme Court did not have a majority to overturn his ruling.

The ruling affected an undocumented young man living in Brooklyn. He had a work permit. Because of the Texas ruling, a federal agency refused to reissue the permit when it expired. This did not make sense to the young man.

He joined forces with an attorney. His lawyer filed a lawsuit against the federal government. He asked a federal judge in Brooklyn to do something. Declare that a ruling by a federal judge in Texas “does not apply to New York residents.”

The decision by the judge in Brooklyn is months away. But, the judge has had a few things to say. He agreed the federal government had to enforce the Texas ruling. But he refused to be “hamstrung in dealing with an issue of individual rights.”

The judge went on, “I do not know what’s going on out there in Texas on the border. But I know what is going on in New York. And I am very concerned about it. I have no intention of just marching behind in the parade that is going on out there in Texas. If this person has rights here.”

The young man said, “It just felt great to hear the judge. At the end of the day, I am not really fighting for myself. I am fighting for my community.”

What would happen if the lawsuit were successful? The attorney said it would lead to other cases in states like California and Illinois. It would affect millions of the undocumented.

Source: The New

Times October 9, 2016

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