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Islamic State Ad: Good Pay, Exciting Work, Long Term Rewards

September 7, 2016
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Training Islamic State fighters.

Training Islamic State fighters.

There is a time-proven way to get help. Pay well. The Islamic State is not doing too well. It has a hard time attracting recruits. It has revenue that comes from oil wells and taxes on its people. It has money.

Take the example of a poor man from Tunisia. He was a baker. He wanted to get married, but he did not earn enough money. He told his mother he had gotten a job offer as a chef in Libya. She was happy. He left and soon money was coming back home. Then one day she got a call from him. “Please forgive me, mother, forgive me. I have been the source of everyone’s problems.” The phone went dead.

A few hours later a man came to her door. He told her that her son died in the war in Syria. The son had been working for the Islamic State. The man gave her $300.

The Islamic State is making good salaries a part of its pitch to poor Muslims. It is going to poor towns and refugee camps. It is offering high pay to recruits. Tunisia, Jordan, and Egypt are the targets of the recruitment efforts.

The Islamic State goes after growing young populations. Especially poor college graduates. They have degrees, but there are few good jobs to be had.

Islamic State recruiters hang around cafés and mosques. They offer $3,000 for three months of training in Libya. There are additions to the family homes of some recruits.

The Middle East today is a money bazaar. Black markets and smuggling are thriving. Some of the flow of money could end. It would take the efforts of the states in the region to do so.

The resources of the Islamic State are sinking. Revenues are going down. But it is still a rich area compared to towns in nearby countries. The dynamics of the Islamic State are always changing. But, as they say, “follow the money.”

Source: The Christian Science Monitor September 6, 2016

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