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Update! Republican Leaders Cave In, House Passes Senate Bill

March 3, 2015
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Speaker John Boehner after the House voted to fund Homeland Security.

Speaker John Boehner after the House voted to fund Homeland Security.

It was a stunning defeat for Speaker John Boehner. He had to reach out to House Democrats to get votes. Only 75 Republicans joined 182 Democrats to pass a “clean” bill funding the Department of Homeland Security.

House Republicans wanted to remove the president’s new rules making life easier for immigrants from the bill. The Senate would not pass a bill with that language. The result was a seven-day bill passed last Friday.

It is a very rare event for the House. The Speaker had to admit he could not pass the bill with votes from his members. He turned to the Democrats for help. It is like having to ask a friend for money when your family has plenty.

The bill funds Homeland Security for the rest of the fiscal year. The fiscal year ends September 30, 2015.

The problems of the president are not over. A federal judge in Texas stopped the department from going ahead with the new rules. However, two things became clearer. Immigration reform will go forward. Experts do not think the judge’s ruling will win in the end.

The second thing is that the House Republicans are in great disarray. They wanted a chance to show they can govern. So far, they have failed to do so


If it were not so serious, it would be funny. It is fair for people to have different opinions about immigration reform. It is not fair to put politics ahead of the interests of the nation.

To become a law, the Senate and the House of Representatives have to pass the same bill. The president then can sign it or veto it. Most Republicans oppose the president’s new immigration program. They are using a bill that funds the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to defund the immigration program.

The Senate and the House could not agree on what to do. Funding for DHS was to run out at midnight on February 27, 2015. Earlier in the day, the Senate passed a bill that would give money to DHS for seven days! The House passed the same bill just before midnight.

Yes, Congress passed a bill that is the same thing as a week’s allowance.

The problem is politics. Some Republicans only care about border security. To make their point, they were willing to shut down DHS, the border control agency. This is not a great way to make the point.

What will happen in the next seven days? There will be less pressure early in the week since DHS is working. Near the end of the week, the same problem will be there.

In the last election, Republicans took control of both the House and the Senate. They said they would show the country how well they could govern. Instead, they are nearing meltdown in public trust.

Source: The Washington Post February 28, 2015

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