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Iran Deal Heads to a Vote in Congress

September 10, 2015
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President Hassan Rouhani of Iran and President Barack Obama of the United States.

President Hassan Rouhani of Iran and President Barack Obama of the United States.

The agreement with Iran allows it to return to enriching uranium after ten years. Iran says it only wants nuclear power for electricity, not to use as a nuclear threat. If you believe Iran, there was no reason for a deal.

No one in the West believes Iran only wants nuclear power for electricity. That is why the United States and other big countries made a deal with Iran. In return for not enriching uranium that could lead to nuclear weapon capacity, financial sanctions against Iran will be lifted.

Iran has threatened Israel. Iran says Israel does not have the right to exist. Many people in the U.S. say the deal will only delay but not end the threat to Israel. That is why Israel and many Jews worldwide oppose the agreement.

Further, Iran is a state that sponsors terrorism in other countries. Hamas in the Gaza Strip alongside Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon receive aid and weapons from Iran. When financial sanctions are lifted, Iran will have more money. Many fear Iran will increase its aid to terrorist groups.

Most U.S. Republicans oppose the agreement. Many Jewish groups are against it.

Congress will soon have the chance to vote on the deal. President Obama does not want the vote to take place. He cannot stop the vote from happening in the House of Representatives. However, the Senate has a rule called a filibuster. It means that a few people can block a vote by the entire Senate.

No matter how you feel about the agreement, many think our elected representatives should have a vote on it.

Nevertheless, the deal will end up being approved. Even if the House and the Senate vote against it the president said that he would override the vote with a veto. It takes two-thirds of the members of both houses to override his veto. This will not happen.

The deal will go into effect.

Iran still says the U.S is the “Great Satan.” It will continue to fight America in any way it can.

The Iran deal promises to be an on-going issue in the coming presidential election.

Source: The Wall Street Journal September 9, 2015

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