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Indonesia Starts a Battle for Muslim Jihadist Minds

November 29, 2015
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Where do most of the world’s Muslims live? More live in Indonesia than in any other country.

Most Muslims in both the Middle East and Indonesia practice the Sunni branch of the religion.

The Muslims in Indonesia are moderates. They believe people should live in peace with one another. They practice tolerance. Many Indonesians follow Nusantara Islam. It is a forgiving creed. Becoming a better human is the goal.

The other large Muslim group lives in the Middle East. Most Middle East Muslims follow Wahhabism, often called “orthodox Islam.” The home of Wahhabism is Saudi Arabia. Wahhabism leads to different treatment of women. Worse, it leads to treating all non-Sunnis as enemies who should be killed or put into slavery.

Sunnis in the Middle East are Arabs. Sunnis in Indonesia are Asians.

For the last few years, the world has seen the results of Sunni Wahhabism. The gruesome videos and attacks have shocked the world. Most surprising is that Saudi Arabia is behind it. It funds religious practices that result in beheadings and slavery.

Saudi Arabia is currently also a strong ally of the United States. The U.S. used to need its oil. Now the U.S. needs Saudi Arabia to help topple the government of Syria and to fight the influence of Iran in the area.

Of course, Indonesian Sunnis are against the Arab Sunnis of ISIS. They say that what the Islamic terror state is doing and saying violates the Quran.

Indonesia is starting a worldwide campaign against the Sunni Wahhabism behavior of Saudi Arabia. It is distributing a new film called “Rahmat Islam Nusantara” (The Divine Grace of East Indies Islam). It has been translated into English and Arabic. It will be shown all over the world.

Religious leaders say it is the beginning of a global program. The goal is to convince Arab Sunnis of their errors in thinking and practice. It is also to show the world what they say is the true face of Sunnism.

Source: The New York Times November 26, 2015

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