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Indian Prime Minister Under Attack

September 10, 2012
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Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is having great difficulty in keeping his position. He is now in his second term. His critics are saying the corruption in his government is hurting India at home and India’s reputation in the world.

Now they add that the government has been cheated out of billions on dollars in coal-mining concessions. Everyone says Singh is honest and decent, but he has been mostly silent on charges that he is inept and out of touch.

He put economic reforms in place in his first term. But the rupee has collapsed, the reforms have stopped and economic growth is slowing. People are asking if India will truly become a global power.

Singh was born in 1932 in a village in what is now Pakistan. He worked very hard at his education earning a Ph.D. at Cambridge. Singh is India’s first Sikh prime minister and the country’s third-longest-serving premier.

In 1991 as finance minister he brought economic reform to the country by freeing the Indian economy from strict state control. The private sector grew very quickly. He reached an agreement with the United States that allowed India to produce more electricity.

He was reelected in 2009. Observers say he has always been in the shadow of Sonia Gandi and now her son, Rahul. The Gandhi’s are the most important political family in the country.

His friends say he has become old, tired,  timid, and without energy. He will not stand up to his critics. People oppose his peace process with Pakistan.

A friend said, “At his time of life, it is not as though he is going to get a new burst of energy. Things are horribly out of control and can only get worse for him, for his party and for his government.”

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