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Immigration Politics Takes a New Turn

August 3, 2015
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Senator Bernie Sanders. Democrat from Vermont. He opposes open borders.

Senator Bernie Sanders. Democrat from Vermont. He opposes open borders.

Senator Bernie Sanders wants to be president. He wants to be the candidate of the Democratic Party.

He has some questions about immigration reform. What role is big business playing? He asks, isn’t big business just trying to hire cheaper foreign workers? Disneyland hired H-1B workers to replace Americans.

H-1B immigrants have technical skills. They can be hired if no Americans are available to do the job. That is the reason, he says, we have to be careful about the abuses that took place at Disneyland.

Senator Sanders supports comprehensive immigration reform. He supports a path to citizenship. But he warns that we have to be wary.

Big business will always try to pay workers less money. Foreigners are known to work for less.

The left and the right are concerned with undocumented people. Other groups have bigger ideas. Some advocates are calling for “open borders.” Open borders mean people can cross borders from one country to another. There are no limits on coming or going. It is a basic right among European Union countries.

Senator Sanders is against that. He says, “That is a Koch brothers proposal. What right-wing people in this country would love is an open border policy. Such a policy would bring in all kinds of people who would work for $2 or $3 an hour. That would be great for them. I do not believe in that.”

The idea of open borders is mostly a goal of the left or progressive wing of the Democratic Party.

 The senator is a strong backer of all American workers. He said, “You have 36 percent of Hispanic kids in this country who cannot find jobs. Bring a lot of unskilled workers into this country and what do you think happens to those kids? Fifty-one percent of African-American kids? I do not think there is any presidential candidate, none, who thinks we should open up the borders.”

 Open borders is not yet a campaign issue. But as frustration with immigration reform mounts it may become one. Open borders may be an area where progressives and conservatives agree. But they will agree for different reasons.

Source: The Washington Post July 30, 2015 


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