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Immigration in the News

June 27, 2016
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 A family at the Adelanto, California Detention Facility. Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

A family at the Adelanto, California Detention Facility. Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

The Supreme Court Defeats the President

It was not a good week for the undocumented. The Supreme Court turned down President Obama on his two goals. There will be no protection for the undocumented parents of children born in America. There will be no further protection for the “Dreamers.” They are youngsters who came here with their undocumented parents.

There is not much the president can do before his term ends. Donald Trump may be the next president. He wants to deport all the undocumented. Hillary Clinton wants reform. She wants a path to citizenship for the undocumented.

Removals Continue

All the undocumented in the U.S. are in danger. The president wants to go after the criminals. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is doing that. ICE is also deporting children who came here fleeing from danger in Central America. It is also still removing people who have done nothing wrong. One example is a man who worked without a permit in his distant past.

Some Refugees in Shelters Face Health Issues

Some of the young refugees who enter the U.S. are or become pregnant. Sometimes the cause is rape. Others want birth control. Some may go to shelters run by Catholic agencies. They are not helping the girls get abortions. They are not giving them birth control. Their religion does not allow them to do so. The teens are sent to agencies that will give them the services they need.

Taxpayer funds pay the agencies. Lawyers filed a suit. It requires all shelters to provide family planning services. It brings up the question of religious freedom.

The shelters are hard to run. They do not have enough staff. Families feel stress. The intentions of most are good. But people get lost in the system.

Asians and Latinos Working Together

There is some good news. Asians are joining Hispanics in protests.  Asians are shy about saying they are undocumented. It is a matter of shame in the community. But now they are coming out.

At a rally in New York City Latinos shouted in Spanish, “A people united will never be defeated.” A young Korean tried shouting in Korean, “Immigration Reform! Pass It.” It did not work as an easy shout.

Finally, after listening to the Latinos, the young man said: “We just say ‘Olé,’ It is the soccer cheer.”

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