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How and Why Trump Won

December 19, 2016
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Abandoned factory, Greensboro, North Carolina. Photo credit: Getty Images.

Abandoned factory, Greensboro, North Carolina. Photo credit: Getty Images.

A new report makes it easy to know why Trump won. America is two nations. This is what took place after the recession of 2008. The urban parts of the nation did much better than the rural parts. There were many more new jobs there. More minorities live in those areas. It makes sense that minorities got most of the new jobs.

There are about nine million more jobs today than there were nine years ago. Hispanics are about 15 percent of the labor force. They gained three million jobs, about one-third of the new jobs. Asians gained 1.5 million jobs. Black gained one million more jobs than they lost.

Whites are about three-quarters of the labor force. Their share of the jobs went down. So much so, they had a net loss of more than 700,000 jobs over the past nine years. The results were worse for whites in their prime work years ages 25 to 54.

In the fifty states of America, there are 3056 counties. Hillary Clinton won just 472 counties. But those counties create about two-thirds of America’s economy. Donald Trump won the other 2,584 counties. They only produce one-third of America’s economy.

Here is a picture of the nation’s white people (non-Hispanic). They are a majority of the total population. They are more than three-quarters of the rural population. Most important, they are just a slight majority in America’s 100 largest urban areas.

The factories and factory jobs are disappearing in rural areas. White people are still living there. The jobs are growing in cities. They are not always good jobs. But they are where the action is.

Trump tapped into the problem. Rural America is a place for the less educated. The jobs are gone. Urban America is the face of the future. In the game of winners and losers, there were enough losers to elect Trump.

Here is the question for Trump. Can he deliver on his promise to restore good jobs in places where they no longer exist?

Source: The New York Times December 13, 2016

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