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Editorial: Hillary Clinton for President

October 17, 2016
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Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Our choice

This may be the first election you are following. Take it from us because we have seen many elections This election is different. And it is not because Mrs. Clinton is the first serious female candidate.

Donald Trump is a man with no political experience. He is not the first person to run without any background. Dwight Eisenhower ran and won in 1952. But he was general of the U.S. Army in Europe during World War II.

Donald Trump is a person who made and lost a lot of money in real estate and casinos. His spotty business record is not the problem. The problem is the person.

Many observers think that he is crazy. They believe he is a malignant narcissist.They feel he is not able to control himself. Those who know him say he does not focus on or learn from information. He follows his own set of beliefs and rules. They include:

  • Never admit you are wrong
  • Repeat your statements even after they are shown to be not true
  • Threaten your opponents by taking them to court
  • Make everything personal by belittling your opponents
  • Use superlatives to convince people you are better than them
  • Use phrases like “the greatest,” the most beautiful” for the things you propose
  • Use phrases like “it is so sad,” it is a disaster” for the things others propose
  • Never take responsibility for anything
  • Believe you know everything, so you do not have to listen to anybody
  • Be rude, unpleasant, and disrespectful to others

A man who views himself and the world like this should not be president.

Hillary Clinton has her problems. But she is not crazy. She plays by the political rules that have worked in this country for more than two centuries. Mrs. Clinton for President

How our election system works

Parliaments are the way most countries choose leaders. Party members of an elected body decide who will lead the nation.

In America, you win the presidency by electoral votes. Each state has a number of electoral votes. Electoral votes are the number of representatives the state has in Congress plus the two U.S. Senators. The number of representatives is based on the population of the state.

It takes 270 electoral votes to win the presidency.

For example, Arizona has nine representatives and two senators. It has 11 electoral votes. One candidate will get the most votes in Arizona. The winner will get the 11 electoral votes.

That is why the American election is often analyzed on a state by state basis.

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