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Good Posture is a Key to a Good Life

January 29, 2017
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Corvallis Sport & Spine Physical Therapy.

Corvallis Sport & Spine Physical Therapy.

Human beings are subject to gravity (being pulled toward the ground). If your body is out of line, certain muscles will have to work harder to keep you upright. This can result in fatigue and discomfort.

Long-term positions “train” the body’s muscles and tendons. They may shorten or lengthen. This places stress on bones and joints. The stress can reshape your bones and joints more or less permanently. You must move about a little when you are standing or sitting.

Poor posture can cause pain throughout your body. It causes back and neck pain. It also causes muscle fatigue, breathing limitations and arthritic joints. Finally, it can contribute to poor digestion and low moods.

Whether you are sitting or standing, slouching is bad.

People spend long periods on seats at work or in cars and buses. You cannot do much about public transportation or taxis. You can do something about your desk chair or car.

For example, let us think about you and the computer. Put your computer on a proper surface. Get a supportive chair that lets you sit up straight. Your head should be aligned with your shoulders and hips when your eyes are on the screen.

The car seat should reduce stress on your spine and the muscles and ligaments that support it.

Posture2Carrying heavy loads is a problem. It is true especially for kids and their heavy backpacks. The weight of the backpack forces them to bend forward. It results in the same problems as slouching. One expert says it is time to bring back the rolling backpack.

Paying attention to posture has long-term health benefits.

Source: The New York Times December 28, 2015

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