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Fewer Teenagers are Giving Birth

April 23, 2012
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The number of teenage girls in America is increasing. The number of babies being born to them is going down. Teenage birth rates were highest in 1957 at 96 per thousand. By 1991, the rate was 62 per thousand. By 2010, the rate was 35 per thousand, the lowest rate since 1946.

Teenage girls had 367,752 babies in 2010, the fewest since 1946, when 322,380 babies were born. The birth rates went down for all ethnic groups. However, the birth rate for black and Hispanic teens is still more than double that of white teens.

Experts say contraception and sex education have played important roles in reducing these numbers. The number of young women who have ever had sex is down by 15 percent. The number having sex with four or more partners is down by 26 percent. The number using condoms is up by 32 percent.  Experts say fears about sexually transmitted diseases also play a role in these reductions.

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