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Dreamers Versus Democrats

October 2, 2017
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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of N.Y., and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of Calif. speak with dreamers. ( AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

There is an old saying in politics, “Do not let the ‘perfect’ be the enemy of the ‘good.’” It means that compromise has to happen for a law to pass. A case in point is the issue of the ‘dreamers.’

Parents without papers brought the dreamers to U.S as children. Many of them have brothers and sisters who were born in the U.S. Because they were born here, those children are citizens. The dreamers are not.

Dreamers won a battle to stay in this country through an order of President Obama.

President Trump said he was sympathetic to their cause. But then, he revoked Obama’s order. He then said the next step should be for Congress to pass a law to let them stay. The law has to pass by the end of 2017.

Now it is all about politics. Trump vowed to deport undocumented adults. He ran on a campaign to end undocumented immigration.

The dreamers are young. They are idealists. They say they want a law passed that protects their parents. They do not want a law passed that builds the border wall. They do not want a law passed that makes it harder for immigrants to get to the United States.

In short, the dreamers want a far-reaching bill that will meet all their goals. Experts say it will be hard for Trump to protect the dreamers. It will be almost impossible to get the bill passed that dreamers say they want.

Who are the friends of the dreamers? The Democrats. There is no point in trying to win over Republicans.

The dreamers are demanding that the Democrats support the bill they want. They are putting pressure on the people who are their allies. The Democrats know that the bill wanted by the dreamers will not pass. Democrats are willing to settle for a bill that only protects the dreamers.

Now many supporters are turning against the Democrats.

The politics for the Democrats is clear. Many white voters are against immigrants. The dreamers get something of a pass from most people, including white voters. The Democrats need white working-class voters. They will lose those voters if they support a bigger, wider immigration bill.

Why are the dreamers pushing their allies and supporters? Most observers say it is about generational differences. Younger people have ideals. Older people have realities. In the end, compromise will win out.

Source: The New York Times October 1, 2017

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