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Doomed Plane May Have Run Out of Fuel

December 2, 2016
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The last team picture before boarding the plane.

The last team picture before boarding the plane.

The Chapecoense soccer team from Chapecó, Brazil was on its way to Colombia. It was flying in a chartered jet plane. There were seventy-seven people onboard including many journalists.

The plane crashed into the side of a mountain. The plane was eight miles from the airport. There were six survivors. The entire country of Brazil is in a state of shock.

The soccer team was having great success. It was heading for Medellín, Colombia to play in the Copa Sudamericana. This is a competition of teams from all over South America.

The site of the crash.

The site of the crash.

Brazil was proud of this team. Brazil has had many problems this year. Most of the problems are about corruption. The rise of this soccer team made everyone feel good.

A resident of Chapecó said, “This is a small city, so everyone knows somebody who was on the plane.” He lost a childhood friend.

An unknown source released a recording of the plane’s last moments. “We ask for permission to approach, we have a fuel problem,” cried a voice said to be the pilot. He later says that the plane had a “fuel emergency.”

The plane was a British Aerospace 146. It had taken off from Santa Cruz, Bolivia. It had a fuel capacity of about 1,600 nautical miles. The distance between Santa Cruz and Medellín is about 1,600 nautical miles. Experts say planes should have at least thirty minutes of extra fuel.

Rescue workers found there was no explosion at the site. That supports the idea that the plane ran out of fuel.

Brazil is in mourning. The tragedy has cut short the lives of many young men.

Source: The New York Times November 30, 2016

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