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Coffee is Good for You – Do Not Ask Why

November 5, 2016
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A new study looked at a lot of other studies. The new study said coffee could help protect against some types of cancer. No one can say why coffee is good for you. The studies do not show cause and effect. But the weight of the evidence is for coffee.

This is a change from past studies. For example, a 1991 study found a link between coffee and bladder cancer.

The latest study is good news for coffee drinkers. It says coffee may lead to lower rates of heart disease. It also may prevent Type 2 diabetes, brain disorders, and some cancers.

The study found one risk. It said drinking “very hot beverages” could lead to throat cancer. Letting coffee cool for a few minutes is the recommendation.

Coffee is now part of a healthy diet. Three to five cups a day is not harmful. It is also recommended for people with chronic liver disease. Other studies showed coffee could protect against liver and uterine cancer.

Decaffeinated coffee also gets high marks. It seems to lower rates of chronic disease. That means the benefits of coffee are not just from the caffeine.

One person commenting partly in jest said: “Drink coffee! No, do not drink any coffee! Never mind, it is good for you. Eat fats – no, do not! Olive oil, oh, wait, it is not bad for you. Do not eat eggs, okay, eat them, only the yolks. NO, do not touch the yolks, do not eat the whites. Drink a bit of alcohol; no do not do that.”

We can agree on one thing. Moderation is the best choice in diet and exercise.

Source: The New York Times June 15, 2016

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