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Chinese Students Flocking to U.S. Private High Schools

August 26, 2016
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Student from China sings with the school choir at Chase Collegiate School in Waterbury, Conn., on Thursday. PHOTO: MO CARLETON/CHASE COLLEGIATE SCHOOL

Student from China sings with the school choir at Chase Collegiate School in Waterbury, Conn., on Thursday. PHOTO: MO CARLETON/CHASE COLLEGIATE SCHOOL

China is sending some of its best students to high schools in this country. They are going to America’s best high schools. The Chinese have two goals. They want their children to get a great education. They want them to go to great colleges. This is one way China is dealing with a changing world.

The Chinese students face hurdles. America is a new culture. Our food is different, even our Chinese food. The schools that welcome them may not do a great job of making them feel at home. The communities in which they live have different ways.

But this is part of the lure and challenge for the students, and their hosts.

Why do Chinese parents send their kids to schools in America? It costs about $50,000 a year. The answer is in the nature of some Chinese families.

“A lot of Chinese families are realizing that they have to get into the process earlier,” an expert said. That drives them to seek a U.S. high school education. It will give them an edge for college admissions. “It is getting so competitive.”

Once enrolled in American schools, there is a big reason to stay and finish. “Once you leave your school in China you cannot really reenter, “ an expert said.

Some American parents worry when they see their children are up against Chinese students. It could make it harder for their kids to compete. “There is a sense of fear that they are so smart they are going to take away spots in college from my child,” a parent said.

Education in America has different outcomes. It is a great country for children with the drive and support they need. It is a downward slope for kids who lack these things. Yet the future is clear. The skilled and trained students will succeed.

The Chinese students coming to school in America have a clear idea of the future.

Source: The Washington Post August 23, 2016

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